Two Bonus Tracks Fill out CLAVVS New, Extended Version of No Saviors

CLAVVS’ latest album No Saviors was one of the most unique and exciting indie pop albums of 2019. The pair blend indie pop with retro synths and synthwave aesthetics in a truly compelling way, and fans of their work to date will be happy to see a new, extended version of No Saviors that includes […]Read More

Feel the Future ’80s Vibes on the New Collab from Extra Terra and Megan McDuffee

The FiXT Neon: Altered compilation of retro-futuristic cyberpunk music continues with the latest single, Extra Terra’s “Man or Machine” featuring Megan McDuffee. The track is perfect blend of darker synthwave sounds with enough pop sensibilities to give McDuffee room to work her magic. Check out the full song here from The ’80s Guy YouTube channel […]Read More